Create Change

Making change work for you

You probably play various roles in the system of scholarly exchange — author, reviewer, society member, for example. Here are some ways you can advance digital scholarship and benefit from expanded sharing of research:

As a researcher and author

If your research is freely shared, you will have a larger potential audience. Open access can increase the impact of your work and make it visible to every search and retrieval tool on the web. Here are some ways to expand the audience for your work:

As a reviewer

Without your efforts as a reviewer, journals wouldn’t exist. Use your valuable time wisely:

As an editor or editorial board member

A journal, press, or monograph series trades on your good name when it lists you as an editor or editorial board member. Be certain you approve of its policies:

As a society member

As a faculty member

Work with colleagues in your institution to advance understanding of digital scholarship and foster sharing of research:


Shouldn’t your students have more complete and convenient access to the information they need?

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