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As part of their campaign to create change in scholarly communication, SPARC and the Association of Research Libraries offer several colorful and informative brochures. These brochures are well suited to campus programs for scientists and scholars, such as scholarly communication seminars or faculty awareness mailings.

You may download a free printable copy by clicking on the links below below.

Printed copies of some of the brochures are also available for purchase in bulk at $15.00 per 50 copies (plus shipping and handling). Order information is below.

The Right to Research: The student guide to opening access to scholarship [PDF]

Developed in close collaboration with students, this guide is a tool student OA advocates will use to engage more of their peers. The Right to Research: helps students recognize the problem of access; introduces the principle of Open Access; indicates how Open Access can make life as a student easier, advance research, widen access to those who need it, and increase visibility for student scholars; and offers ways to support OA. New in January 2008. (Publication number RR2008).

Create Change [PDF]

Here you’ll get an overview of scholarly publishing challenges plus options for faculty action. The emphasis is on responses to the high prices of scholarly journals. Revised October 2003. Available for download only.

Author Rights [PDF]

This brochure introduces the SPARC Author Addendum, a legal form that enables authors of journal articles to modify publishers’ copyright transfer agreements and allow authors to keep key rights to their articles. Publication number AA2006)

Also available: Author Rights poster [PDF] ($2.50 per piece) (AA2006P)

Open Access [PDF]

The Open Access brochure describes the benefits of open access to scholarly research and tells how faculty can provide open access to their work. Facts and figures demonstrate positive effect of open access on the use and impact of research. Released 2004. Available for download only.

To view the PDF documents, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download free of charge.)

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