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Shouldn't the way we share research be as advanced as the Internet?

Digital Scholarship

Distress signals


"I devote a lot of time and energy to the publishing process - as a reviewer and as an author. Are my efforts being fully rewarded if the published work ultimately is locked up and available only to those with access to the largest research libraries?"


"My work needs to reach other experts like me, but also students, researchers doing related work in other fields, potential funders, and others. My future depends on it. What can I do to make sure my work is accessible on the Internet?"


"When I search the web for my own works, only a portion of them come up. How can I make sure that the Internet presents a full picture of my contributions?"


"I get access to lots of journals through the Internet, but I can’t get access to some journals I need. Why doesn’t the system work better?"


"I just found out my library doesn’t subscribe to a journal that published one of my works, so I can’t get to it through the Internet. I thought the Internet was supposed to make it easier for people to find and read my work."


"My body of work over time has achieved a good reputation. What can I do to be sure that it can be found and used now, but also in the digital future?"

Copyright tangles

“I assumed I could give copies of my article to my students and colleagues. Now I find out I have to request permission from my publisher - and there may be a fee! Isn’t there an alternative?”